Free local delivery in Lincoln, Omaha and Sioux Falls.

Dental Designs Laboratory provides free local delivery and pick up right to your office in Lincoln, Omaha and Sioux Falls. Our drivers are available every business day to pick-up and deliver your cases. Our dedication to making your lab experience fast and easy is just another reason for you to make us part of your success. Our “Same Day” service allows you to treat your patient with care and concern. Most rush cases (repairs/relines) can be done in one day.

Instructions on Shipping to Dental Designs Laboratory

Shipping via UPS

Create a UPS Shipping label by using the link to our UPS site:

If you need an urgent case shipped to us, please call the lab for a UPS shipping label to be provided to you via email. Otherwise, please use the link above.

Shipping via USPS
  1. Call us and we will send you USPS labels and Dental Design boxes.
  2. Complete the RX slip – you can use the one we sent you, you can download one from our website or you can use a preprinted one from your software. We cannot process the case without a RX.
  3. Place disinfected impression(s), bites, models in the Dental Designs box that is provided and place between the foam pads.
  4. Put the RX slip on top of the items in the box and close the box.
  5. Secure the box. Use the mailer card below to send via USPS priority mail.
  6. Simply place box for mail pick up  for a pick up.
Questions or Issues?

Please call us if you have any questions or experience issues.

Lincoln p. (402) 476-1331 f. (402) 476-9721
Omaha p. (402) 496-1400 f. (402) 496-1404

Click a below to print a mailer

Omaha USPS Mailer

Lincoln USPS Mailer