Denture Services

At Dental Designs we take great pride in our Removable Prosthetics. We know that good communication between our lab and your office is the key to ensure a quality product that meets your expectations.

We pride ourselves the latest technology as demonstrated with our CAD/ CAM deisgned and 3D printed dentures. Submit cases to us with traditional models or digital scans.

You will find that Dental Designs offers quality appliances and very consistent service which proudly serves the needs of your dental practice.

Denture Production Process

At Dental Designs, we employ the latest digital technologies to produce 3D printed dentures. Interested in learning more about our process? Our dentures can be produced utilizing 100% digital dentures or we can produce traditional bench-made dentures.

Benefits of utilizing digital processes to produce 3D printed dentures include:

  • More efficiently produce the denture with less dentist/lab interaction time, allowing for an easier workflow for the dentist and patient
  • Reprinting of the denture if damaged, broken or lost

Review Denture Services process as outlined below.

1. Submit a model or scan with tooth shades and an RX

Submitting a physical model?    Send the model to Lincoln or Omaha.

If the patient is edentulous, the lab will send the doctor a bite rim. The doctor will need to send us the bite rim with VDO established

Submitting digital scans?   Submit upper, lower and bite scans (in lieu of the physical models)

Dependent on the scanning technology being used by your Office, submit the scans to us directly using the corresponding portal associated with your scanner

2. Verification of Model or Scans

We will verify the models or scans prior to fabrication and contact the dentist if the scans or models need to be revised prior to beginning fabrication.

3. Fabricate Monolithic Try-in

We will send your office a Monolitic Try-in so that you may review fit with the patient*

* patient can keep the try-in which may be used for emergency or temporary uses for the patient (like if the break or lose the final denture)

4. Corrections of occlusion, smile line, etc.

During review of the Monolithic Try-in, mark corrections of occlusion, smile line, etc. and send corrections back to us. Please also send in photos.

5. Final Product

After we have received corrections (if any), we will begin the final product fabrication. Once complete, the final product will be sent to the dentist’s office.

6. Realignment, repairs, reprints and copies

Realignment, repairs/reprints* and copies can be requested by the doctor’s office.

*Not all repairs can be accommodated. We will review each case individually and ascertain the correct course of corrective action for repair or reprints for products within their warranty period. Please refer to our warranty information page for details.