Send us a Digital Case

Providing inherent advantages for accuracy, submitting a case to us is easy.


Dental Designs has the ability to directly accept STL files for implant supported dentures, crown and bridge and Essix ® cases directly without the need for a vendor based system. Providing inherent advantages for accuracy, predictability and nearly instantaneous transfer of data to our lab, accepting intraoral scans eliminates physical shipping or the need to create and digitize a model, making for shorter turn-around times.

Choose one the of the three options to send a case to us directly.

Send us a Case with Your Favorite Scanner

Dental Designs is able to work with all major intraoral scanners and systems.

If you use a scanner that is not pictured below, call us and we’ll be able to help.

For Cerec/Sirona you’ll need to visit Register if you don’t have an account or login. Search for dental designs lincoln to add us to your labs favorite list.