Removable Services

At Dental Designs we take great pride in our Removable Prosthetics. We know that good communication between our lab and your office is the key to ensure a quality product that meets your expectations.

We pride ourselves with keeping the latest technology as demonstrated with our CAD/ CAM partial frameworks and our printed temporary dentures.

You will find that Dental Designs offers quality appliances and very consistent service that will proudly serve the needs of your dental office.

Removable Products

Removable Dentures

Features enhanced natural appeal, wear and stain resistance with detailed customization. We have traditional dentures and 3D printed dentures. Learn more about out denture services.

3D Printed Dentures

Digital Dentures reduce the duration of the denture delivery process and drastically increase the fit and accuracy due to the high tech 3D printers we use. They are also a wonderful option as a low cost temporary denture for temporary replacements or for customers who need an affordable solution.

Learn more about our Digital Dentures.

CAD/CAM Partial Frameworks

Digitally designed and printed, our cast partials offer strength and superior fit.

Low Cost Dentures/Econo

Our most affordable denture option. Same day relines and repairs available.

Flexible Partials

Our thin, lightweight flexible partial with lifelike pink shades is great for esthetics and easy insertion. The Duraflex material is easy to adjust and absorbs no stains or odors.

Bite Splints

3 options – Hard Acrylic, Heat and seat, Dual Laminat. Specially designed mouth guards for people who grind their teeth, have a history of pain and dysfunction associated with their bite or temporomandibular joints (TMJ).