Dental Designs has been producing quality crown and bridge products for forty years. We offer a wide range of materials from traditional PFM’s to our High Translucency Zirconia. All products are manufactured in house using our state of the art Design software utilized by highly skilled technicians assuring that quality restorations are produced every time. We understand that predictability is paramount in fabricating prosthetics that your patients want to tell their friends and family about.

Whether its custom shades or quick turnaround crowns we will do whatever it takes to enhance the experience for you and your patients.

Fixed Products

High Esthetic Zirconia Crowns

Our full contour zirconia crowns are perfect for your high strength needs. We use a high translucency zirconia that also has 1250 MPA of strength. This revolutionary zirconia can com- pare with the esthetics of e.Max but give you the strength needed for your posterior restorations.

Gold Crowns

Full-cast gold restorations are the traditional standard in restorative dentistry. Today, they continue to offer proven longevity of service for cases in the posterior.

High Strength Zirconia

We use high strength zirconia from industry greats Zirkon Zahn, Argen, Ahmann Girbach, and Ivoclar. The manufacturers we use provide us with next generation restorations that combine premium esthetics and exceptional strength.


From Non Precious to High Noble, We provide a number of options for traditional PFM crowns fabricated in house daily for your patients.