Celebrating 40 Years

This June marks 40 years Dental Designs has been serving dentists across the nation. In June of 1980, Tim Sweeney, Doug Barret, and Tom Barrett would take a chance and decide to start their own Dental Laboratory. They would call their company Dental Designs, and they would build it literally from the ground up. Using a business model based on love and trust, they would work tirelessly to make sure that they would get their business off the ground.

Their first employees came in the way of their fathers, Mark Barrett and Jack Sweeney. Now, a lot has changed in the dental industry since they began in 1980, but the same model Tim Doug and Tom created the lab with is still in practice every single day. What started as three guys making some crowns has evolved into a state of the art dental facility with three different locations across the Midwest and 75 employees who all reflect the same work ethic put on display by the original three owners. So we want to say thank you first to all the offices who have trusted dental designs to create their prosthetics every single day. We also want to say THANK YOU to Tim, Doug, and Tom for following their dreams and helping to change so many people’s lives for the better.


Answering the Call by Providing Masks

Dental Designs was proud to help come to the aid of healthcare workers across Nebraska for the COVID-19 pandemic. Using our 3D printers, we were able to print N95 masks as well as headbands with face shields. In times like these, local businesses have to be able to come to the aid of the communities they serve. We were happy to help the offices that had helped us for so many years by providing masks when they were so hard to find anywhere else.

3D Printed Dentures and Nightguards

Over the last couple of months, we were able to perfect some new technology we recently invested in before the pandemic. Dental Designs is now offering 3D printed Premium Dentures as well as 3D printed nightguards. Using our new carbon printers, we can cut down turnaround time and appointments for patients helping them transition into these new prosthetics. Our premium dentures are printed using High Impact Acrylic and Premium teeth. The nightguards can be digitally designed to match doctor preferences to fight bruxism. Using our new digital designs for these products, we can print exact copies if anything is lost or broken. By reducing turnaround time, we can help cut out costly chair time allowing the patient to leave happy with their new appliance in fewer appointments.


Digital Impressions: Now is the Time

A lot has changed in the dental industry over the last few months. Offices all over the country are installing new health code measures for the safety of their patients. Now, more than ever, Intraoral Scanners are essential to utilize for the health and safety of both the patients as well as the office and lab. Moving forward after COVID-19 using intraoral scanning and submitting digital impressions can significantly help reduce the spread of any infectious disease by not mailing products back and forth traditional impressions. Images can be instantly uploaded by the lab technicians, and prosthetics can be created by a 3d printed model of any patient’s mouth. Not only do intraoral scanners help an office practice new and better health measures, but they are also far superior in use and predictability for both the patient and the Doctor. Dental Designs has been helping offices find the right scanner for them for years. Call us, and we will talk you through any questions you may have regarding which scanner is right for you.