Production Times

Note: Working time does not include shipping time either way, holidays or weekends.
Crown and Bridge Department
Product 1-2 Units 3-10 Units
Design Zirconia (dZ) 5 Days 10 Days
PFZ 7 Days 10 Days
e.max* 3-5 Days 5 Days
Porcelain to Metal 8 Days 10 Days
Gold 5 Days 5 Days
Veneers 8 Days 10 Days

More than 10 Units? Lab will call you after evaluating case

* Same Day e.max: available in local area, in by 10am, out by 4pm

Product Timeline
Provisionals 5-7 days
Diagnostic Wax Up 5-7 Days
Crown Under Partial 3 Days
Product Timeline
Implant Crown 3 Weeks in Lab
Denture Cast Framework 2 Weeks in Lab
All-on-4 Please call the lab toll free: (800) 927-7990
Removable Department
Product Timeline
Set-up Wax try-in 5 Days
Set-up and Process 7 Days
Process and Finish 5 Days
Cast Partial Framework 8 Days
Framework with Set-up 10 Days
Framework, Set-up, Process 12 Days
Bite Rim/Record Base 3 Days
Custom Tray 3 Days
Temporary Partial (Acrylic) 5 Days
Occlusal Splint 5 Days
Immediate Denture 7 Days
Valplast 7 Days
TAP Appliance 5 Days
Repairs and Relines
Product Timeline
Hard Reline 1 Day
Soft Reline 3 Days
Rebase 3 Days
Avoid Embarrassment Denture** 2-3 Days
Denture Repair 1-2 Days
Laser Weld 1 Day
Valplast Repair 3 Days
Add Wire Clasp 1 Day
Add Cast Clasp 3 Days

** Original out same day